Best Pickleball Racket and its buying guide in 2021

Pickleball has become an extremely well-renowned game in recent years as it is straightforward to learn how to play the game easily and quickly. The extremely vital piece of equipment for pickleball is the racket, and selecting a racket that suits your style, experience level, and price is essential to your success at the ground or court. There are four kinds of Best Pickleball Racket: composite paddles, wooden paddles, graphite rackets, and carbon fiber paddles.

As there are different pickleball racket accessible, selecting a racket that best suits your requirements can be a little challenging. There are various varieties involved from one player to another. Below are the different factors you must consider before buying a racket for pickleball. After the complete research, we have prepared the list of top-rated Best Pickleball Rackets. These rackets provide better ball control and simple to handle simultaneously.

Gamma NeuCorePickleball Rackets

NeuCore technology uses more giant cells and a 25% thicker core to create the racket feel soft at the time of impact but still delivers power when required.

Best Pickleball Racket Gamma Neucore
Gamma NeuCore Pickleball

Because of its smooth, dynamic touch and long-lasting flexibility, the Gamma NeuCore paddle offers you a high level of play. The graphite surface provides an excellent grip to create a spin.

  • NeuCore racket provides more power and improved reach on the ball.
  • NeuCore racket provides more spin for advanced players.
  • Gamma racket is a little bit costly.
  • Though, the sweet spot is minor than published.

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XS XSPAK Pickleball Rackets

XS XSPAK Pickleball racket is an excellent value for money and will be the best choice for beginners. The graphite face will operate well for what you need.

Best Pickleball Racket XS XSPAK
XS XSPAK Pickleball

USAPA level design, edge guard protection, softest polymer, excellent control, graphite construction, speed, and durability create the XS XSPAK Pickleball racket a superb option for newcomers and advanced players.

  • XS XSPAK is equipped as per the USAPA-approved standards.
  • The XS XSPAK pickleball rackets are ideal for beginners or even for a professional player.
  • XS XSPAK Pickleball rackets are pretty expensive.
  • It does not create more power.

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Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle is one of the top-rated paddles that come third in our top list. And it will also assist you in building your performance, creating it among the most excellent pickleball rackets for the beginner.

Best Pickleball Racket Selkirk Amped
Selkirk Amped Pickleball

Because of the racket’s performance, the Selkirk pickleball racket ensures to feature it with the latest X5 technology in the head.

  • It provides excellent feedback to increase your balance.
  • Selkirk racket arises in 40 shades from light to mid-weight.
  • It is slightly less extensive along the length.
  • The weight of the racket is quite more than other competitors.

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Amazin’ Aces Graphite Pickleball Set

The Amazin’ Aces pickleball racket uses an average design with reasonability and ease in mind. AmazinPickleball set comprises four balls, two graphite pickleball rackets, and one net bag.

Best Pickleball Racket Amazon' aces
Amazon’ aces

Easy and familiar, this premium graphite pickleball racket arises with a superior-quality box for gifting and a net bag for convenient carry and simple storage of your pickleball.

  • The grip of the racket is hand-made and contoured to permit higher comfort and superior grip.
  • The set comprises a net bag and free e-book for newcomers—creating a perfectly reasonable option.
  • The materials used for the Amazin’s racket grip are not identified; hence, ensure that you double-check before buying the paddle.
  • Because it is more on the economic side, the racket is not guaranteed too long.

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ONIX Graphite FiberPickleballRacket

Due to its Nomex core, the racket is slightly lightweight, mainly its complex counterpart. The ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball racket is a perfect option for newcomers who wish to start on the right foot with pickleball.

Best Pickleball Racket ONIX graphite Z5
ONIX graphite Z5

The iconic paddle is extremely identifiable thanks to the Z on the leading site and is certified by USAPA for tournament matches.

  • It is equipped with a massive body shape, and this oversized racket is ideal for those who want a more prominent sweet spot.
  • The tennis handle design is perfect for gamers moving from tennis to pickleball.
  • The racket is a bit costly as compared to its products.
  • According to many customers, the grip is not comfortable.

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Best Pickleball Racket (Buying Guide)

Size and Weight

The overall racket size is eight by 16 inches, followed by the longer seven by 17 inches racket. Though, if you are not interested in playing modest tournaments, you may search a range of oversized rackets on the market, with an extensive hitting area. When it arises to racket weight, you may select any weight you want.


There are no limits to the material used to build pickleball rackets, but many common materials comprise graphite, wood, polymer plastic, fiberglass, composite, and many more. Also, various materials may be used for the racket core. The highly famous for their power and durability are polypropylene aluminum and Nomex.

Edge Guard

It will help if you consider the Edge guard before selecting or buying the pickleball rackets or paddles. It assists in guarding the edge against damage that is likely to occur for court or ground hits. It helps in increasing the hitting surface of the racket. Therefore, it entirely depends on your choice of which one you want.

Grip Size 

Acquiring a pickleball racket with the right grip size for your hand size is as vital as obtaining the right shoe size for your feet. More oversized grip rackets provide you more constancy and less pressure on your arm. Paddles or rackets with minimum grip sizes offer you more control over the ball and permit you to add spin to your shots.


The shape of the paddle is also vital for your playing style & your ease at the time of playing the pickleball game. All paddles are four-sided, but many can be broader than others. The shape of the paddle defines the method you hit the sweet spot. The most normal shape of a pickleball racket is extensive and measures about 8 inches vast by 15¾ inches long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which One Is Better Graphite or Composite Pickleball Racket?

The composite is of normal-range price rackets that are excellent for weight and size, but the graphite pickleball rackets are costly, lightweight with a simple movement, and a robust one to play well.

What Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Pickleball Racket?

You need to consider the following factors as Weight, Price, shape, Grip size and the and even compatibility for consistent control for your best paddle.

What Is The Meaning Of Sweet Spot?

Paddle arises with a sweet spot that denotes the core of the playing surface. It is the area where the racket will be most advantageous or efficient for hitting the ball.

Final Words

Selecting the best pickleball racket is the initial step to becoming an excellent pickleball player. From the above-provided list of pickleball racket, you can choose the best one as per your needs. But no matter which pickleball racket you choose to purchase, ensure it is USAPA approved if you wish to use it to compete in matches.

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